Saturday, June 27, 2009

Student Astrology- How will this year be?

We all know that today students have to bear a lot of pressure of their studies from their parents and from their peer groups. They study heavily but only a few get the desired result while others remain unlucky despite their immense hard work.

It is believed that astrology proves its significance even in the field of education and not just here but almost in each and every sphere connected with student life. Astrology helps the students to overcome their problems and also suggests remedies to improve their educational performance.These remedies include chanting of mantras like Gayatri mantra or wearing a gem stone according to your zodiac sign. However, here follows a description of how 2009 will prove to be for students-

Student’s horoscope for 2009
This is a tough time for Arians and you have to work really hard. You have to put in your hard work otherwise your fellow companions will overtake you in progress.
Chances of difficulties occuring in your education are many. Those who are related to cinema and creative fields, this year is not very beneficial. Change of residence is also possible. Those waiting for results can expect a positive output.
Geminis expecting results might get disappointed. You will have to work hard otherwise you will not be able to convert your efforts into results.
There might be some problems for those who are pursuing studies related to finance. You will not be able to concentrate according to your capabilities. You have to work hard and only then will you reap fruits.
Students will get a good result. Those who are in the field of science will be doing a great job. Chances of long term travel are high which might give you some financial gain.
Students have to do hard work to achieve their targets. Do not take any tension for studies otherwise it will create mental problems for you. Work hard and you will definitely get nice results.
This period is not good for Librans who are in the creative field. Hope for the best and be prepared for the worst as you will have to work hard!
You are indeed not able to put in your best. You have to work hard. Students of music will get a tremendous increase in finances.
It will be a great period for students who are going to appear in any competitive exam. You will perform better than expected and it will bring a smile to your face.
You have to put in your best effort. There is a chance of facing tough competition from your rivals. Some kind of domestic travel is expected.
You need to give you best to your studies and especially if you are going to give any interviews. You will definitely get a chance. Just croos your fingers and wait patiently!
Till August, there is no obstacle in matters related to your studies. You should just continue your study in the same manner as you do currently.
Astrology can provide insights into your personality and education shapes an important part of your personality. So, study well and aim high!

Who is your ideal man?

If you believe in astrology, it can provide you some clues which help you in finding your soul mate. We believe that women are from Mars and those who are related to Mars are indeed nurturing and very fun loving.
If you are an-

An Aries woman is attracted to those men who are hardworking , strong and who do not depend on anyone. If your soul mate is shy, sorry, but this is not your ideal mate!
Those who belong to this group are attracted towards those who are well settled, stable and masculine. They are often attracted to those who work with their hands or those who can build something.
Gemini :
If you are Gemini a woman, I am sure your expectation is very high while looking for a soul mate. Her soul mate should be physically as well as mentally smart. Depressed and boring types would not be her cup of tea. They want a man who is almost like James bond!
Her companion should be sensual and protective because if you are a Cancerian you want that your life partner loves you unconditionally. These women don’t like those who are full of attitude as her ideal man should be kind, healthy and loving.
She is attracted towards those who are outgoing and love to freak out. They like those guys who are bold and are able to take their decisions independently. They do not want that men should be jealous of any thing.
Her choice would be simple and not full of glamour, but with a good sense of humour. They look for a man who is kind and generous and respects his elders.
Librans are attracted towards rich guys, who are charming ,attractive and well balanced with their life. These women prefer those who are willing to help others and are not rude.

Scorpio :
Dark ,powerful and full of a good sense of humour is her ideal match. Scorpio women want their soul mate should love children and should be full of a positivity around this world.
Sagittarius :
She is impressed with those who have a tomboyish personality. Her partner should be fun loving, energetic and full of enthusiasm.
She is attracted towards those who have their own business. Careless and irresponsible person would not be her cup of tea as she seeks perfection.
Simple and boring men have no chance here. She wants an interesting man!
Somebody who portrays all colors of the world- in other words an amazing personality!
This type of women are attracted towards a sensitive kind of personality. They do not have any interest in those who are independent or claim to be self- made. Emotional beings rule her heart!

Be it whichever sign that you belong to, just be sure that your relationship is built on trust and affection! It will then work wonders.

On Which day were you born?????

It were the Babylonians who first chose to organize their calendar according to the seven planets which were visible through the naked eye. Even our ancient gurus believed that every day has its own importance and each day has a peculiar significance.

According to astrology, your luck vastly depends on the day you were born. It is believed that the day when you took birth has a great importance in your life.
Some facts related to your birth
If you were born on:

Monday is the day which is very much related to moon. So those who were born on this day have a fair face and are sensitive. Their youthfulness is a sign of the moon.
This day is considered to be very auspicious according to astrology. Those who born on this day are full of grace and energy as Tuesday is the day which is ruled by Mars.
Those who were born on this day are very social and are very sensitive to public woes. They are the ones who almost think like Einstein! This day is under the influence of mercury.
This day is controlled by Jupiter. A Child who is born on this day might adopt a profession which is related to travel. They are born to learn, so they are great observers.
This day is inspired from Venus and is under total control of Venus. Those who were born on Friday are the persons who love everyone! It is their loving and affectionate nature which best describes them.
A Saturday child is hardworking and is a responsible person because the godfather of Saturday is Saturn.
This is the day which is ruled by our natural source of light i.e. sun. Children born on this day are wise and fair.
Regardless of when you were born, all that astrology too stresses upon to make it big in life is hard work and patience.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The entrance door of your house!

Everyone wants a good house which brings in benefits, wealth and happiness. Getting these benefits also depends on the structure of the house and most importantly the entrance of the house.
Vaastu Shastra is the science of designs and directions. It is derived from the word “Vaastu” which essentially means “to live”. We can find many references to this science in our Vedas. Even the ancient Indian saints were of the view that any living or nonliving thing is made from panch tatva.-Prithvi, agni, jal, aakash, vayu.

The main door of the house is of great importance and following are the tips for the doors-
According to Vaastu, it is necessary to fix an auspicious day for commencing with the main door after the Vaastu puja. After all, doors are the entrance to the office where resides Lord Brahma!

However, there is no hard and fast rule for the location of the main door.
According to the experts, east, west and north positions are suitable for situating the entrance of house and office.

The entrance door’s position should be in the same place as of the main door. Do not locate door towards the corner.

Always decorate the entrance with the picture or signs of lord Ganesha and goddess Lakhsmi.
The main door should be large as compared to the other doors of the house.
Always make sure that there is no underground tank of water at the place of your main door.
Avoid wood from the pepaal tree as according to Vaastu it is considerably better if you use the wood of Teak.

If there are two main doors in the home, it is preferable to place them in the same direction.
Avoid self- closing doors which are very much in fashion these days.
It should be kept in mind that the main door should open towards inside and not towards the outer side.

Always remember that any kind of shadow should not fall on the entrance door.
The fourth position on the left hand side is considered the best for the main gate.
The direction of the front door should not be towards any kind of destroyed property.

After all, doors are the first place which cast the first impression on the visitor. If your entrance is kept clean it would indeed bring wealth and prosperity into your house. SO follow the simple rules of Vaastu and make your home a better place to live in.

Feng Shui General Tips

Feng shui simply means “wind water” in English. This word is derived from a Greek word meaning the ‘arrangement of cognition’.

Feng Shui items should be placed in a proper way, such that they bring fame and prosperity into your life. Feng shui articles can be placed anywhere in your home, according to your convenience. Based on ancient practices, feng shui cures all your problems and imbibes positive energy from the universe into your life.
By following the given tips, one can have an idea about the science of Feng Shui and its methodology.

Whenever you sit or sleep, don’t keep your back in front of the door. By facing it you invite positive energy for yourself and for your family.

Do not always conjoin all things- For instance joining 2 pieces of furniture. Always maintain at least a 10 inches gap between them so that fresh air can easily prevail in dark areas which consist of maximum amount of negative energy.

If possible, don’t put a mirror in your bedroom. It’s better if you place it in an area like a hall so that the hall looks livelier.

While you are sleeping, always remember that if you have a mirror in your bedroom, your image should not reflect in the mirror.

Always keep your home full of lights and try to enlighten dark areas.

While you are sleeping, take care that the doors of the bathrooms are always closed.
Hang wind chimes and crystal balls at your place because it brings positive energy in your workplace.

Plants and feng shui are well connected and feng shui considers plants as auspicious. As per feng shui plants bring happiness into your life.

Plants are considered lucky if they are placed in an office because they bring success coupled with luck.

If you have just married or are expecting children, put flowers in your room and place a basket full of fruits in your bedroom because this brings luck and fortune along with health and prosperity.

According to feng shui, water is considered auspicious as it brings fame and money. So, place a fountain in your premises with an inward direction. Outward direction will cause money to go out.

Always place a painting of mountain or a running horse in your home or in office as it teaches a better way to live life.

With the passage of time feng shui has proven its credibility and has discovered a new way to live life with luck and happiness.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

MY article in "Filmi Kaliyan"

One of India's most famous magazine**

Know your VALUE...

A speaker started a seminar by holding up a Rs.100 note. In the seminar room of 300, he asked, "Who wants this Rs.100 note?" Many hands went up. Then he said, "I will give this Rs.100 to one of you people but first, I have to do this."

He then crumbled the note. He then asked, "Now who wants it?" Still many hands were up.

"And if I do this?" Then he dropped it down and started to grind it with his shoe. He picked it up again; the note was crumpled and dirty. "Who wants it now?" Still the hands were up.

"My friends, you all have learned a good lesson. It did not matter what I did to the note, you all still want it because its value remained the same. It was still worth Rs.100.

Many times we are crumpled, dropped and ground into the dust by the decisions and circumstances that come in our way. We feel as if we are worthless. But it doesn’t matter what has happened or what will happen in future, you can never lose your value. Don’t let your yesterday overshadow your tomorrow. Just believe in yourself.

When you are born, you cry and the world rejoices;

Live life in such a way that the day you die

the whole world cries and YOU rejoice.


Why SHOUT in anger?

A saint once asked his disciples, ‘Why does one shout in anger when one is upset?

The students thought for sometime; one of them answered, ‘Because we lose our patience that is why we tend to shout.

But why do we need to shout when that person is next to you?’ questioned the saint. Isn’t it possible to talk to that person with a softer voice? Why do we need to shout then?’

Students gave some more answers, but none of them satisfied the saint.
At last he explained, ‘When two people are angry with each other, their hearts get distanced a lot. To cover up that distance, they need to shout so that they can hear each other’. The angrier they will be, the stronger they will need to shout at each other.’

The saint asked again, ‘What is likely to happen when two people fall in love with each other? They never shout at each other, instead talk softly, why? Because their hearts get very close. The distance between them reduces…’

The old saint continued further, ‘What happens when they love each other even more? They don’t speak; only whisper a little. Finally they don’t even need to whisper, they only need to look and that’s all.

When you fight do not let your hearts get away from each other, do not utter words that distance your hearts, or there will be a day when the distance will increase so much that you will never find the way to return.


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Money frog is a tool of feng shui which symbolizes prosperity and material possessions. It is said that this frog comes on full moon near the house where monetary gains is expected. Money Frog has three legs holding a Chinese coin in its jaws. It is usually sitting on a heap of gold ingots. Ideally the frog should be kept in front of the entrance placed diagonally in the corner in order to invite the luck of wealth to your house. The feng shui frog helps in protecting your house and also enhancing financial aspect. If you are the one who has any kind of monetary problem, spending on this frog can help you to solve these problems.


The best place to put this feng shui frog is the living room. Place it diagonally in the corner in front of the main entrance. This is the place which has the most chi concentration as corners are a strategic location for the flow of energy in the room. This would put a strong direct influence and initiate a strong concentration of energies.


Some simple vaastu tips for your house

· Placement of electronic appliances like T.V. and computer etc should be avoided in the bedroom.

· They should be placed in the living room in south east direction .

· If you are planning for right construction, bedroom should never be placed in south east direction because it leads to conflicts .

· Children’s room should always be planned in the north or west and if you are planning to club the study room then the study table should be placed in the north east direction of the room so that the children have good concentration.

· Kids should always study facing the east direction.

· The master bedroom of the house should always be in the south west so that the head of the family has full control over the members of the house.

· You can plan the other rooms in the south and west directions.

· If you are planning for a guest room and also a room for a marriageable daughter the best direction is North West.

·While sleeping you should always avoid placing your head facing the northern zone of the room.

· The temple in the house should be in the north eastern zone and the room should be painted yellow.

· The best color recommended for a study room should be green as it increases intelligence.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Everyone has their favorite colour with their own interpretation of their favorite color. People spend their precious time in deciding the colors of their cars, clothes, rooms, office, etc but have we ever thought of evaluating the colors which are good as well as bad for our lives. Now you can use your own creativity after knowing “what your colors say”.

• BLACK: - Like any dark color it indicates a feeling of depth in relation to mood as well as perspective. In fact black also symbolizes lack of hope and makes one feel depressed.

• PEACH: - The color symbolizes love and attraction.

• GREEN: - It’s the color of vegetation therefore symbolizes hope, freshness and healthy energies.

• BROWN: - It creates a stable and heavy feeling with a established impression during a period of time. The color also indicates elegancy and depth.

• YELLOW: - The color stands for tolerance and intelligence earned from past experience which creates patience.

• ORANGE: - A beautiful mix of yellow and red. The color is auspicious in nature and stands for power and happiness.

• GRAY: - It is a color of frustration and dismay. On a positive note it also symbolizes resolution and balance.

• BLUE: - Also called indigo is a symbol of hope and progress. It is a mourning color which is cold in nature.

• PURPLE and RED: - are very auspicious in nature and symbolize respect.

• PINK: - The color of romance. It also stands for true feelings, love and happiness.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Useful Tips for a Successful Marriage

Marriage is a person’s most precious moment as it changes the life of both the girl and the boy. All the things happening look so dreamy like wearing a long gown and sitting with the man of your dreams, decorations of flowers etc.This all seems like a fairy tale but we all know the truth?

Marriage is a serious affair than just a fairy dream and this is the reason which insists people who are aware of the science behind astrology or even know the magic of astrology to consult an astrologer before they plan a marriage.

Astrology is a perfect guide in terms of marriage prospects. With the help of Kundali Milan, astrology can give insights to compatibility between the two people, their health, their nature, their emotional attachment, about their children etc.

Every man and woman anticipates his married life to be a happier one. But for the same, one requires both the efforts as well as destiny.

There are strong indications of one’s married life in the birth chart which tells the time when the individual will get married as well as his satisfaction from his married life. An astrologer can even tell many things about your life partner like the nature, appearance, love marriage or arrange etc from the person’s birth chart.

If you consult an astrologer before selecting a life partner, you can get many viewpoints which would help you to make a right decision easily.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How you can change your MOOD by just changing the colours of your room!!!!

Colours affect our lives in many ways. If you're depressed they can make you happy. If you're fearful they can make you confident. They even inculcate the internal and external harmony between themselves and the house.

perfect colour can give YOU personal energy and stimulate an environment full of positive vibrations. Every person can select a colour according to his mood and temperament.

Colours are also associated with the 5 elements- Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space and give their effects according to the attributes of the 5 elements.

Colours of your house

Light colours are ideal if you- are planning to change the colours of your bedroom. The best colour for a bedroom is pink which is also the most auspicious colour. One can also use the shades of light blue and light green to generate positive energy. In order to plan the bedsheets of your bedroom, you can select white sheets which have colourful designs.

For children's room, green colour is the most important for concentrating in academics, you can also plan a furniture with dark colours like black.

The second most important part of the house is the kitchen which contributes to the health of the family. You should always use the colours of the food as in the fruits and vegetables which are generally used in the kitchen like the red of the tomatoes, green of the chillies, yellow of the mango's. Besides this one can also use the colour of purity and cleanliness, i.e. white

For the bathroom, pastel colours are ideal like white and gray, you can also use mix of black to generate deep thoughts.

Dining Room-
Dining room is the place where the whole family plans a get together so one should plan the colours of harmony and cleanliness, so you can use Blue, green and pink for your dinig room. Please avoid using black and white colour for your dining room.

Living Room-
It's a place where you welcome the guests so it should be pleasant and welcoming. The living room should be full of vibrant pictures. The best colour is beige, yellow and green.

Please do share your comments with me so that we can understand life in a better way.


Are You getting Bad marks in EXAMS??????????

If you are getting bad marks in your exams and you blame your intelligence or your hardwork then you'll never be able to achieve what you want, because the reason behind your bad performence is your lack of concentration, confidence and will power, to study in the right way.

ExpertTania says that you can achieve success by improving your Vastu. For a student it is very difficult to perform well in his academic life, so these are the few ways you can adopt to achieve the right concentration which will lead to good marks.

Remedies suggested

- Education Tower-
Place an education tower on your study table in the north-east side of your table, so that the positive vibrations of the education tower influence you to concentrate on your studies. This will help you in remembering the text studied for a long time.

Place a pyramid which has 9 pyramids inside it on the wall facing you. It should be hanged in such a way that the pointed part of the pyramid faces you. This pyramid has the ability to send strong positive rays which would make you more positieve and hardworking to achieve your goals.

Please share your expreiances with me and ask your queries through your comments and I would surely provide you with solutions


Why YOU have problems in your life?

Have you ever thought of deciding your career when you are just 10 years old or knowing about your future as in the post which you will get at an certain age?

Have you ever thought what will happen in your personal life? Whether it would be a love marriage or an arrange marriage?

Have you ever thought the reason behind your depression?

Have you ever thought that why do u meet with accidents so often?

Did you ever think why do your friends misunderstand you at times?

Maybe .. , you don't have the answers to these questions
. But I have.
After deeply studying horoscope the planet which has the strongest indication of the career takes the lead. We also need to see the Navmasha chart for that and also the planet situation in the natal chart.

For a love marriage there should be a strong relationship between Jupiter and Venus in your birth chart.

These all things happen due to the movement of your stars. If your moon is not at a good state or is aspected by a malefic planet, this leads to depression.

For accidents we need to take in concentration the houses responsible for accidents in your birth chart which is the 6th, 8th and 12th house.

The 11th hou-se of your natal chart represent the friends of a person so one needs to see the planets sitting in that hou-se and also the lord of the 11th house.

Please share your expreiances with me and ask your queries through your comments and I would surely provide you with solutions