Thursday, May 28, 2009


Some simple vaastu tips for your house

· Placement of electronic appliances like T.V. and computer etc should be avoided in the bedroom.

· They should be placed in the living room in south east direction .

· If you are planning for right construction, bedroom should never be placed in south east direction because it leads to conflicts .

· Children’s room should always be planned in the north or west and if you are planning to club the study room then the study table should be placed in the north east direction of the room so that the children have good concentration.

· Kids should always study facing the east direction.

· The master bedroom of the house should always be in the south west so that the head of the family has full control over the members of the house.

· You can plan the other rooms in the south and west directions.

· If you are planning for a guest room and also a room for a marriageable daughter the best direction is North West.

·While sleeping you should always avoid placing your head facing the northern zone of the room.

· The temple in the house should be in the north eastern zone and the room should be painted yellow.

· The best color recommended for a study room should be green as it increases intelligence.



  1. very useful tips..vastu is really a important aspect in life.ur article will help people to make a happier home.keep it up...