Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are You getting Bad marks in EXAMS??????????

If you are getting bad marks in your exams and you blame your intelligence or your hardwork then you'll never be able to achieve what you want, because the reason behind your bad performence is your lack of concentration, confidence and will power, to study in the right way.

ExpertTania says that you can achieve success by improving your Vastu. For a student it is very difficult to perform well in his academic life, so these are the few ways you can adopt to achieve the right concentration which will lead to good marks.

Remedies suggested

- Education Tower-
Place an education tower on your study table in the north-east side of your table, so that the positive vibrations of the education tower influence you to concentrate on your studies. This will help you in remembering the text studied for a long time.

Place a pyramid which has 9 pyramids inside it on the wall facing you. It should be hanged in such a way that the pointed part of the pyramid faces you. This pyramid has the ability to send strong positive rays which would make you more positieve and hardworking to achieve your goals.

Please share your expreiances with me and ask your queries through your comments and I would surely provide you with solutions



  1. can i use these items otherwise for concentration purpose , if i m not a student?

  2. hi
    Ya these items can also be used by other age group like people who are working, can place them on their work station for better concentration and efficiency

  3. What can be done to get the girl of my choice

  4. What can be done to get the girl of my choice

  5. these articles are really effective and of use.............it becomes really precious when tania mam gives aditional specifications about that....

    i am trying it to being a student yo should also try them out with faith........