Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How you can change your MOOD by just changing the colours of your room!!!!

Colours affect our lives in many ways. If you're depressed they can make you happy. If you're fearful they can make you confident. They even inculcate the internal and external harmony between themselves and the house.

perfect colour can give YOU personal energy and stimulate an environment full of positive vibrations. Every person can select a colour according to his mood and temperament.

Colours are also associated with the 5 elements- Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space and give their effects according to the attributes of the 5 elements.

Colours of your house

Light colours are ideal if you- are planning to change the colours of your bedroom. The best colour for a bedroom is pink which is also the most auspicious colour. One can also use the shades of light blue and light green to generate positive energy. In order to plan the bedsheets of your bedroom, you can select white sheets which have colourful designs.

For children's room, green colour is the most important for concentrating in academics, you can also plan a furniture with dark colours like black.

The second most important part of the house is the kitchen which contributes to the health of the family. You should always use the colours of the food as in the fruits and vegetables which are generally used in the kitchen like the red of the tomatoes, green of the chillies, yellow of the mango's. Besides this one can also use the colour of purity and cleanliness, i.e. white

For the bathroom, pastel colours are ideal like white and gray, you can also use mix of black to generate deep thoughts.

Dining Room-
Dining room is the place where the whole family plans a get together so one should plan the colours of harmony and cleanliness, so you can use Blue, green and pink for your dinig room. Please avoid using black and white colour for your dining room.

Living Room-
It's a place where you welcome the guests so it should be pleasant and welcoming. The living room should be full of vibrant pictures. The best colour is beige, yellow and green.

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  1. Well I haven't try this earlier but will surely employ the recommended colors. Hope the change in colors may transform my mood for the better.

  2. your blog is very helpful to suggest "How to choose color schemes for the interior of our house."