Thursday, May 28, 2009


Money frog is a tool of feng shui which symbolizes prosperity and material possessions. It is said that this frog comes on full moon near the house where monetary gains is expected. Money Frog has three legs holding a Chinese coin in its jaws. It is usually sitting on a heap of gold ingots. Ideally the frog should be kept in front of the entrance placed diagonally in the corner in order to invite the luck of wealth to your house. The feng shui frog helps in protecting your house and also enhancing financial aspect. If you are the one who has any kind of monetary problem, spending on this frog can help you to solve these problems.


The best place to put this feng shui frog is the living room. Place it diagonally in the corner in front of the main entrance. This is the place which has the most chi concentration as corners are a strategic location for the flow of energy in the room. This would put a strong direct influence and initiate a strong concentration of energies.

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  1. well i never heard about it but ur blog is quite helpful to know about these astrological aspects.i will surely keep it in my home.jai jai money...