Friday, June 26, 2009

Feng Shui General Tips

Feng shui simply means “wind water” in English. This word is derived from a Greek word meaning the ‘arrangement of cognition’.

Feng Shui items should be placed in a proper way, such that they bring fame and prosperity into your life. Feng shui articles can be placed anywhere in your home, according to your convenience. Based on ancient practices, feng shui cures all your problems and imbibes positive energy from the universe into your life.
By following the given tips, one can have an idea about the science of Feng Shui and its methodology.

Whenever you sit or sleep, don’t keep your back in front of the door. By facing it you invite positive energy for yourself and for your family.

Do not always conjoin all things- For instance joining 2 pieces of furniture. Always maintain at least a 10 inches gap between them so that fresh air can easily prevail in dark areas which consist of maximum amount of negative energy.

If possible, don’t put a mirror in your bedroom. It’s better if you place it in an area like a hall so that the hall looks livelier.

While you are sleeping, always remember that if you have a mirror in your bedroom, your image should not reflect in the mirror.

Always keep your home full of lights and try to enlighten dark areas.

While you are sleeping, take care that the doors of the bathrooms are always closed.
Hang wind chimes and crystal balls at your place because it brings positive energy in your workplace.

Plants and feng shui are well connected and feng shui considers plants as auspicious. As per feng shui plants bring happiness into your life.

Plants are considered lucky if they are placed in an office because they bring success coupled with luck.

If you have just married or are expecting children, put flowers in your room and place a basket full of fruits in your bedroom because this brings luck and fortune along with health and prosperity.

According to feng shui, water is considered auspicious as it brings fame and money. So, place a fountain in your premises with an inward direction. Outward direction will cause money to go out.

Always place a painting of mountain or a running horse in your home or in office as it teaches a better way to live life.

With the passage of time feng shui has proven its credibility and has discovered a new way to live life with luck and happiness.

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