Saturday, June 27, 2009

On Which day were you born?????

It were the Babylonians who first chose to organize their calendar according to the seven planets which were visible through the naked eye. Even our ancient gurus believed that every day has its own importance and each day has a peculiar significance.

According to astrology, your luck vastly depends on the day you were born. It is believed that the day when you took birth has a great importance in your life.
Some facts related to your birth
If you were born on:

Monday is the day which is very much related to moon. So those who were born on this day have a fair face and are sensitive. Their youthfulness is a sign of the moon.
This day is considered to be very auspicious according to astrology. Those who born on this day are full of grace and energy as Tuesday is the day which is ruled by Mars.
Those who were born on this day are very social and are very sensitive to public woes. They are the ones who almost think like Einstein! This day is under the influence of mercury.
This day is controlled by Jupiter. A Child who is born on this day might adopt a profession which is related to travel. They are born to learn, so they are great observers.
This day is inspired from Venus and is under total control of Venus. Those who were born on Friday are the persons who love everyone! It is their loving and affectionate nature which best describes them.
A Saturday child is hardworking and is a responsible person because the godfather of Saturday is Saturn.
This is the day which is ruled by our natural source of light i.e. sun. Children born on this day are wise and fair.
Regardless of when you were born, all that astrology too stresses upon to make it big in life is hard work and patience.


  1. I was born on a monday!........n wotever it very true!

  2. I was born in monday and you are right