Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why SHOUT in anger?

A saint once asked his disciples, ‘Why does one shout in anger when one is upset?

The students thought for sometime; one of them answered, ‘Because we lose our patience that is why we tend to shout.

But why do we need to shout when that person is next to you?’ questioned the saint. Isn’t it possible to talk to that person with a softer voice? Why do we need to shout then?’

Students gave some more answers, but none of them satisfied the saint.
At last he explained, ‘When two people are angry with each other, their hearts get distanced a lot. To cover up that distance, they need to shout so that they can hear each other’. The angrier they will be, the stronger they will need to shout at each other.’

The saint asked again, ‘What is likely to happen when two people fall in love with each other? They never shout at each other, instead talk softly, why? Because their hearts get very close. The distance between them reduces…’

The old saint continued further, ‘What happens when they love each other even more? They don’t speak; only whisper a little. Finally they don’t even need to whisper, they only need to look and that’s all.

When you fight do not let your hearts get away from each other, do not utter words that distance your hearts, or there will be a day when the distance will increase so much that you will never find the way to return.



  1. truth described in simple words.....great work!!!

  2. yes its true..your articles really gives a good message an mark a impact on heart.keep posting.