Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Everyone has their favorite colour with their own interpretation of their favorite color. People spend their precious time in deciding the colors of their cars, clothes, rooms, office, etc but have we ever thought of evaluating the colors which are good as well as bad for our lives. Now you can use your own creativity after knowing “what your colors say”.

• BLACK: - Like any dark color it indicates a feeling of depth in relation to mood as well as perspective. In fact black also symbolizes lack of hope and makes one feel depressed.

• PEACH: - The color symbolizes love and attraction.

• GREEN: - It’s the color of vegetation therefore symbolizes hope, freshness and healthy energies.

• BROWN: - It creates a stable and heavy feeling with a established impression during a period of time. The color also indicates elegancy and depth.

• YELLOW: - The color stands for tolerance and intelligence earned from past experience which creates patience.

• ORANGE: - A beautiful mix of yellow and red. The color is auspicious in nature and stands for power and happiness.

• GRAY: - It is a color of frustration and dismay. On a positive note it also symbolizes resolution and balance.

• BLUE: - Also called indigo is a symbol of hope and progress. It is a mourning color which is cold in nature.

• PURPLE and RED: - are very auspicious in nature and symbolize respect.

• PINK: - The color of romance. It also stands for true feelings, love and happiness.


  1. colours express that much.............oh my god we always tend to lay prefference to our favorites

  2. well i know her since long .she is very well qualified astrologer. since i consulted her, her way of guiding helped me a lot to cope up with my problems.
    this theory of color really works.
    one should try it once.

  3. Yup colours change the mood of the person and also sometimes lead to increase in efficiency and success

  4. your article is really helpful to understand the true meaning of colours.can u please tell about the white?

  5. ya sure... white is the most suitable colour..It is the colour of peace and stability.. So one can use white for happiness and peace of mind.. Most suitable for dining room where the family has a get together

  6. yes offcourse colours reflect very good impression on one's life style, that is what i have expirenced, so i think we should follow the sanctity of colours, since i am following it and getting the peace of mind and will be continuing to do so.