Thursday, June 4, 2009

Know your VALUE...

A speaker started a seminar by holding up a Rs.100 note. In the seminar room of 300, he asked, "Who wants this Rs.100 note?" Many hands went up. Then he said, "I will give this Rs.100 to one of you people but first, I have to do this."

He then crumbled the note. He then asked, "Now who wants it?" Still many hands were up.

"And if I do this?" Then he dropped it down and started to grind it with his shoe. He picked it up again; the note was crumpled and dirty. "Who wants it now?" Still the hands were up.

"My friends, you all have learned a good lesson. It did not matter what I did to the note, you all still want it because its value remained the same. It was still worth Rs.100.

Many times we are crumpled, dropped and ground into the dust by the decisions and circumstances that come in our way. We feel as if we are worthless. But it doesn’t matter what has happened or what will happen in future, you can never lose your value. Don’t let your yesterday overshadow your tomorrow. Just believe in yourself.

When you are born, you cry and the world rejoices;

Live life in such a way that the day you die

the whole world cries and YOU rejoice.



  1. it is really a very nice article.good efforts by you.really, one must have to know who is he and what is his/her value.we should learn to be positive in difficult situations and try to mark our value on others.

  2. nice article...really..the incident was well written & it really expresses what you want...!!!