Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who is your ideal man?

If you believe in astrology, it can provide you some clues which help you in finding your soul mate. We believe that women are from Mars and those who are related to Mars are indeed nurturing and very fun loving.
If you are an-

An Aries woman is attracted to those men who are hardworking , strong and who do not depend on anyone. If your soul mate is shy, sorry, but this is not your ideal mate!
Those who belong to this group are attracted towards those who are well settled, stable and masculine. They are often attracted to those who work with their hands or those who can build something.
Gemini :
If you are Gemini a woman, I am sure your expectation is very high while looking for a soul mate. Her soul mate should be physically as well as mentally smart. Depressed and boring types would not be her cup of tea. They want a man who is almost like James bond!
Her companion should be sensual and protective because if you are a Cancerian you want that your life partner loves you unconditionally. These women don’t like those who are full of attitude as her ideal man should be kind, healthy and loving.
She is attracted towards those who are outgoing and love to freak out. They like those guys who are bold and are able to take their decisions independently. They do not want that men should be jealous of any thing.
Her choice would be simple and not full of glamour, but with a good sense of humour. They look for a man who is kind and generous and respects his elders.
Librans are attracted towards rich guys, who are charming ,attractive and well balanced with their life. These women prefer those who are willing to help others and are not rude.

Scorpio :
Dark ,powerful and full of a good sense of humour is her ideal match. Scorpio women want their soul mate should love children and should be full of a positivity around this world.
Sagittarius :
She is impressed with those who have a tomboyish personality. Her partner should be fun loving, energetic and full of enthusiasm.
She is attracted towards those who have their own business. Careless and irresponsible person would not be her cup of tea as she seeks perfection.
Simple and boring men have no chance here. She wants an interesting man!
Somebody who portrays all colors of the world- in other words an amazing personality!
This type of women are attracted towards a sensitive kind of personality. They do not have any interest in those who are independent or claim to be self- made. Emotional beings rule her heart!

Be it whichever sign that you belong to, just be sure that your relationship is built on trust and affection! It will then work wonders.


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