Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why YOU have problems in your life?

Have you ever thought of deciding your career when you are just 10 years old or knowing about your future as in the post which you will get at an certain age?

Have you ever thought what will happen in your personal life? Whether it would be a love marriage or an arrange marriage?

Have you ever thought the reason behind your depression?

Have you ever thought that why do u meet with accidents so often?

Did you ever think why do your friends misunderstand you at times?

Maybe .. , you don't have the answers to these questions
. But I have.
After deeply studying horoscope the planet which has the strongest indication of the career takes the lead. We also need to see the Navmasha chart for that and also the planet situation in the natal chart.

For a love marriage there should be a strong relationship between Jupiter and Venus in your birth chart.

These all things happen due to the movement of your stars. If your moon is not at a good state or is aspected by a malefic planet, this leads to depression.

For accidents we need to take in concentration the houses responsible for accidents in your birth chart which is the 6th, 8th and 12th house.

The 11th hou-se of your natal chart represent the friends of a person so one needs to see the planets sitting in that hou-se and also the lord of the 11th house.

Please share your expreiances with me and ask your queries through your comments and I would surely provide you with solutions



  1. I think your blog is quite impressive and will help people to think about the actual solutions of their problems.

  2. nice blog.......really helpful blog to the persons who believe in astrology.

    may i ask you why we believe in astrology....is astrology always right????

  3. Astrology is a science which is 70% correct....so it is correct

  4. Taniya you are superb .. i show your video through the facebook. you really a good astro speaker..Best of Luck to your future..

  5. What can I do to earn the interest of the girl of my choice?